Business Owner Planning

The financial planning requirements of a business owner can be very different to those of their employees. We realise this and offer a tailored service to manage your personal financial planning needs. After all, we also run a Company so we understand the issues you face!

Provided that the Company produces more than enough profits to meet the income needs of the owners, the disposal of the surplus is largely a matter of tax planning.

It is possible to reduce corporation tax and in some cases national Insurances by implementing company pension schemes.

You may also wish to consider ‘Keyman Risks‘. As a Company you insure your cars and your equipment against disaster like fire and flood, and include compensation for loss of profits as well as asset replacement, but do you insure your Company’s cash flow against loss of key members of staff to death or disease?

We can also assist you with ‘Shareholder Protection‘. The shareholder/directors in limited Companies – and indeed, members of partnerships – often need protection against the impact that the death of one of the shareholder/directors or partners might have on the financial viability of a business.

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