Confused by the maze of pensions, don’t understand the terminology and the many types of pension schemes available? You will not be alone; many people find themselves in this position and as a result end up simply ignoring what should be considered as an important part of their planning for the future. After all, retirement is likely to be the longest holiday period during your lifetime.

Often policies are scattered between a number of providers and you may find it increasingly difficult to understand what each may provide and to administer a cohesive investment strategy across all.

We will work with you to help you take control of your pensions and incorporate them into your overall investment strategy, taking advantage of all available tax incentives.

Even when you get to retirement and want to convert your pension investments to provide income, it is no less confusing with annuities, income drawdown and scheme pensions available to consider.

Your pension may be your single most important lifetime investment. We will review all plans to provide a single appropriate strategy and if suitable, a single plan to administer. We aim to make the plans easy to understand and manage so that you can focus on your day to day life, knowing that your pension planning is in safe hands.

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